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mnelson - Fri, Jan 25, 2008, 12:02 P
Warning: Cult Group Coming to Amherst
There is an ad in the latest issue of the Amherst Bulletin about a group
doing a health and wellness workshop next weekend at the Lord Jeff
under the name "FSRG."

Please be aware that the Family Systems Research Group (FSRG)
that is holding seminars is known as a cult that exploits people
psychologically, emotionally and financially. They were previously
known under the name "Gentle Wind Project" and there are several
references to them on cult-watch websites.

Some links:

Apparently they were put out of business by the A.G. in the state of Maine
and had to pay financial settlements to a lot of people there.
If you are concerned about cults in our community (where a lot of young
people live) please help make others aware of truth behind this group...
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