FiveCol-Soc Privacy Policy

At no time will your personal information ever be sold, bartered or even simply given away to third parties for any reason.

In addition, the NetSite software this website runs on was designed to avoid e-mail address ’’harvesting’’ and thus your exposure to spam is minimized. If you wish to put your phone number or address in the database, that is fine. Only verified members (those with a valid e-mail address at one of the five allowed domains) will ever have access to it, and only if you allow it.

With all that being said, it is the policy of this website that all users include their real first and last names in their accounts. This will help avoid the feeling of being able to post anonimously. Those users who do not use their real, full first and last names will be moderated.

Regarding Passwords

PLEASE do not use your campus password on this system. We do not want to know it and we do not want the responsibility. Please use a different password.